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Free Trade-A-Stock Web App:     Practice Trading on Historical Stock Data
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Free Trade-A-Stock Web App:    Multiple Time Frames, Technical Indicators & Configurations
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Free Trade-A-Stock Web App:    Go Long and Short, Practice Stop Placement
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Free Trade-A-Stock Web App:    Gain Years Of Trading Experience Using Technical Analysis, Fast
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    Evaluate Your Performance Objectively, Compare Against Randomness


Trade-A-Stock Web App (Free)

Trade-A-Stock is a free web application (it runs in your browser) that lets you practice trading on historical stock data. Perfect your technical analysis skills before committing money in the real market. Develop confidence in your trading strategies. Put those technical analysis techniques you’ve read about to the test on real historical data. Gain years of trading experience in hours. No sign in or membership required.

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Coming Soon - To Trade-A-Stock

Trade-A-Stock will soon feature non-survivor biased data. We've collected a large set of NYSE and NASDAQ delisted stocks dating back to 1984. These will soon be inlcuded in the Trade-A-Stock Web App. Coming March 2013.